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Wristo founders, Mikhail Chernyakov and Matvey Smirnov, came up with the concept after frustrations with not being able to find a reasonable care solution on the market for their ageing parents, living on their own in other countries.

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Mikhail Chernyakov
London, UK
Founder, 20 years experience of Data management. MBA at Manchester Business School
Alinaluts 5cf11d4e3364c3308183b73fe9a6b950d62f08737ae0f687c9c8802cffd0cd25
Alina Luts
London, UK
Lawyer, PR manager, 8 years experience in communication and business development in the UK
Matveysmirnov 66683ba5e60989a1405531c7b9a8bc8f8f90f0bbc65666b424ecbd67deef0ec8
Matvey Smirnov
London, UK
Founder, marketing, strategy, concept development. 19 years of experience in innovations, R&D and Supply Chain. MBA (Open University)
Yuriyshikhov d38f78a617c442f63618f64b1d5558de30544e9dd150c2fc3cfb94545025fcdd
Yuriy Shikhov
Reading, UK
14 years experience in technical project management including production management of electronic devices in Russia and Asian markets. Architecture development, mass production.
Andriytatchyn 7638a691821cc866c4b90882e190589c5ae914b7062a329ff1e3148017b40c3d
Andriy Tatchyn
Lviv, Ukraine
CEO at LaSoft (Wristo software developer). 12 years of experience in software development, IT outsourcing, project management, business process improvement.
Vasylvarkholyak cd9cca38d64d3e1bb5ea5fa7f30b95abd811852c623ec066a573092102ddcf2a
Vasyl Varkholyak
Lviv, Ukraine
CTO at LaSoft (Wristo software developer). 5 years of experience in software development, IT outsourcing.
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